Tuesday, March 3, 2009


mommy is coming to town.

mommy is bringing some stuffs from home.
mommy is checking up her eyes.
mommy is buying her medicines.
mommy is having lunch.
mommy is walking down the orchard rd.
mommy is giving extra money.
mommy is going around by Mercedes taxi.
mommy is taking a rest at bukit merah for a while.
mommy is eating at ajisen ramen.
mommy is saying 'I love you and gonna miss you'.

now, mommy is leaving the town.

here I am. End up being A.L.O.N.E A.G.A.I.N.


Niq Mutiara said...

what a sweet post about mommy :)
bner liv klo mommy2 pd dtg psti pd ngsh extra money. itu yg gw tunggu2. HYAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :D :D

Daud Gultom said...

here i am, end up being alone again.


Gastronomia said...

iyaaaa extra money boleh lah buat nabung2.hehehe. yes we are all alone again!! hiksss