Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 random things about ME

  1. I am clumsy. I broke my housemate's mug. JUST NOW!
  2. I hate campus. My campus. I hate the idea of FINAL EXAM. I hate the system. Please don't judge my whole year battle on those subjects within 2-3 hours paper test!
  3. I always want to go to Europe or UK at least. And keep praying to God if I could pursue my Portobello's Project
  4. Give me 'Just After Sunset' book pleaseeee. Still on its discount price (SGD 35) at Borders
  5. I hate my roomies. ALL OF THEM!
  6. For next Jakarta's destinations: Loewy, Rustique, Shy, Esina, Moonlight, Moya, Cassis, Decanter, Awfully chocolate... what else?
  7. Ok, just now my family agreed with my decision to go to US for summer job. YIPPIE! US HERE I COMEEE!!!
  8. I still have my assignment behind. 0% mood for finishing it. so I ended up writing this blog. hahahaha
  9. I miss my summer 2008. summer vacation. summer people. especially my heartless summer FLING
  10. I love doing the JANE FONDA ABS NEW WORKOUT to get a nice firm and flat tummy.
  11. I don't know why nowadays people are getting CUPCAKES FEVER. Sometimes I'm thinking to make one.
  12. I'm still looking for sebamed 24h care deodorant. It's alcohol free and suitable for use after shaving underarm hair. Anyone who knows where I can find it PLEASE TELL ME!! Thank You!
  13. I won't forget 3 magical words : THANK YOU, PLEASE, and SORRY.
  14. I'm on my BANANA DIET now.
  15. I love my sweet bukit merah view. do not let me go from here.
  16. I still have 1 bottle of sparkling wine in my room. would you like to join me in enjoying a glass of zibibbo by brown brothers??
  17. I need new wristwatch. In silver.
  18. I will choose TATLER rather than NYLON.
  19. I envy my brother. He's getting new mac book and blckberry. FUCK FUCK FUCKKK!
  20. I'm using oxy 10 now. It's maximum strength acne-pimple medication.
  21. I promise I will not waste my money on shopping. GARMENT shopping. (amen!) *finger crossed*
  22. why must change the ezlink card??? can not be minus?? hate the rules LORRRRR!
  23. No regret buying my yellow sorbet color cardigan. It's time for SPRING WITH SORBET. pale and pretty pastels.
  24. I'm officially reading Paulo Coelho 'The Witch of Portobello' >>>>super EXCITED!
  25. Finally last number! I'm taking pills. *vitamin C and E*


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