Wednesday, January 28, 2009

They are not 'desperate' anymore

Eva Longoria = Gabrielle Solis

Nicollette Sheridan = Edie Williams

Teri Hatcher = Susan Mayer

Marcia Cross = Bree Hodge

Those pictures were taken from 2009 SAG Awards. They all seemed gorgeous and pretty. still believe that they are desperate housewives?
Well, you guess!
Because Lynette Scavo was not found anywhere. Maybe she was busy protecting her family.


ChikitaRosemarie said...

fashion statement of 2009 sag awards:
-bright colors
-one shoulders

im not a huge fan of teri's look, the dress doesn't compliment her body, and her hair is just wrong.. i love marcia cross always and alwayss..
and eva longoria never fails in stealing the show :D

and u should include dana delany too beb, since she's a part of the housewives now.. and she wore a prada number that she bought (yes, she doesnt have a stylist!)

btw, my fave look that nite was surely kate winslet..
she looks dazzling with her blue narcisco rodriguez's..

liviamargareta said...

beb btw si teri jd best dress loh. i mean versi infotainment amrik. gw lupa apa namanya. yah tp di foto ini emng ga gt oke. mungkin angle nya ga gt bgus.

ChikitaRosemarie said...

iya beb.. fashion kan subyektif..
i actually agreed with E's fashion police.. they dont fancy the hair ;)

liviamargareta said...

krn bajunya udh cukup fancy. kl atas bawah fancy kan aneh bebs. HAHAHHAA. mau ke manaa cobaaaaa? kmu tulis blog lagi donggg.