Friday, January 30, 2009


Today after campus, Ms C tagged me on one of her notes about what kind of animal are you.
I tried to follow the game and here's the result


You are Brown Koala, who is quiet and modest.
You are graceful and have atmosphere of being rather old fashioned.
You don't like conflicts and are a peaceful person.
People will not hate you.
But you don't get loved passionately by the others either.
You tend to have the same kind of relationships with each one of them, and no one becoming special.
You don't get too close to anyone.
You have great sensitivity, and those who get to know you may find you rather too nervous.
You are cautious to people around you, and worry too much about your family and yourself.
You are realistic person, and you prefer rationalism to emotional things.
Nevertheless, you possess great sensitivity and have sense of beauty.
You are very romantic type of person.
You also possess natural aptitude to spirituality.
Your selfish comment may make you isolated from people around you.
If you can control your weakness, you may be able to show your talent that matches the need of the society.
If you try to be a perfectionist, you will break the inner balance and may shut yourself in your own dreamy world.
You should see things objectively and widen your vision.
This will lead to successful life.
Once married, you will be a devoted wife, and a mother obsessed with children's education.



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