Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well prelim is over but final exam is not. I only have 1.5 months approximately to study all the materials. I made some schedule before and I AM REALLY trying to stick with it. Today I supposed to study poa, unfortunately sisterhood and the traveling pants 2 was more exciting than those POA books. sob sob.. I just want to scream at my face, 'Princess please wake up. The time is coming! Don't you afraid of all questions from London??' mmppff..
By the way, I just got a horrible news from my family. It really makes me wanna cry. Sorry I can't tell, it's too personal or there is no body whom I can trust in. Maybe if it's getting worse, I can tell you. BUT I hope everything is ok. For now I can't be able to go out with friends and have some fun in this kind of situation. Sorry I just need my time to figure this out.

well I hope Princess will wake up soon from her beautiful dream.. I think she forgets about the real world.



ChikitaRosemarie said...

whatever it is, just be still dear..
i too, not in a very good situations lately..
its just our ABCs of growing up anyway..

*semangat terus beb..
maaf ga bs bantu byk..

Gastronomia said...

makasi dear. aku juga maaf akhir2ini sngt labil.gapapa emng yg bisa ngatasin smua yah diri sendiri