Sunday, March 8, 2009

Show off Syndrome

Hi A!
I know you're rich boy from high class family
I know you're attending medical school
but please stop showing off to people
by writing in you personal message
something like

on iphone
need magsafe power adapter
on my mobile phone

you are such a dork!
not only you who use IPHONE
not only you who can online on mobile phone
not only you who have macbook

I know it's your show off syndrome darlie.
son of a bitch can pay all the bills to get what he wants.


Niq Mutiara said...

hahaha ini ttg siapa liv? pamer amat kyknya. hehe :p

Gastronomia said...

old friend of mine. dulu pas belom jaman2 nya macbook dia pamer ke aku kl dia pake macbook. ihh nyebelin bgt yah