Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am sorry

Sorry, I'm being so rude lately.
Sorry, I'm not in very stable mood.
Sorry, I'm facing big problem which is my fear.
Sorry, I'm having exam and I can't handle it well.

Sorry, I don't want to go back home this year.
Sorry, I can't explain why.
Sorry, I have my personal reasons.
Sorry, I just wanna go somewhere else.

Sorry, I'm out of all social network.

Sorry, I wrote this blog together with my tears.


Niq Mutiara said...

jangan sedihhh, jangan nangisssss :(
km psti bs kok examnyaa. smangat yah liviaaa

Gastronomia said...

huaahahaha haduh bukan soal exam. exam no2. ada lagi yg lbh nyeremin dr ituu

ChikitaRosemarie said...

beb.. im so sorry i cant be there when u need a friend..
i don't know what's happening but i believe you can get through all.
just please don't cry..