Friday, February 13, 2009

Pathētikos. Deleted Contact

No phone ringing
No one calling.

No message in inbox
No one sending.

No respond on the wall.
No one writing.

Angel could kill Demon. But Demon is tough enough. In fact Demon never dies. And never mistaken. Demon always follows her. Whenever she goes. Whatever she does.

Angel probably misses the King. The King of Eden. The King of Broadway. The King of calfskin sofa. But King doesn't know. doesn't care. King is busy; minds his own life.

Angel keep saying about the Deleted Contact. Which Demon knows what is it. But others don't know. don't care. Others are busy; mind their private life.

The King was perfect and Angel will not forget it.

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celennis said...

friday the 13th....